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None More Reliable than the 2017 Ford F-150

The 2017 Ford F-150 has a lot of competition but it has a lot going for it that truly set it apart from anything the rivals can muster. For a fact, 97% of all F-150 models sold in the last ten years are still out there on the roads, cruising around and getting work done; now that's reliability to be proud of! To further push the point, the automaker has put together a video below showing how it puts the Toyota Tundra to shame. Check it out and learn along with us today:


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Make the Most Out of the Power Bump of the 2018 Ford Mustang GT (With Quiet Exhaust)

This autumn, the refreshed 2018 Ford Mustang GT will arrive in dealerships, and new looks and upgraded interiors are just the start. A digital instrument display, upgraded Coyote V8 engine, and numerous new packages are on tap for the upcoming performance coupe. Offering a standard six-speed manual, 460 horsepower, and 420 lb-ft of torque, the coupe can hit sixty in under four seconds.

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Categories: Lists Choicest Qualities of 2017 Ford Focus RS

If the search for your next vehicular purchase has ultimately led you to the hot hatchback segment, we here at Lamarque Ford Inc think you might like to have a good, long look at ours, the 2017 Focus RS.

Yet, why is it we feel like we do?

Get the need-to-know info from Road Test Editor Dan Ilika; his assessment of the Focus RS is as follows:

A shining example of Ford's mechanical mastery, the Focus RS's turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine is at once a beauty and a beast.

Syncing with a six-speed manual transmission…

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Feast Your Senses on the Fresh-Faced 2017 Ford Fusion

Is the recently refreshed 2017 Fusion the most magnificent midsize sedan we here at Lamarque Ford Inc have ever encountered?

While it may still be a bit too soon to say for sure, one thing is clear: this is a whip that's on its way to the top.

And, after scoping the clip below, we've little doubt you'll understand just what we mean. Ride out with Autotrader reviewer Tara Trompeter to receive a close look at the Fusion:

Sure to be a popular pick with performance enthusiasts, the Fusion's top-of-the-line V6 Sport trim is altogether incredible…

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Ford Goes the Detail-Oriented Route in 2018 Mustang Refresh

In the automotive industry, a mid-cycle refresh, which comes halfway through a model’s 8 to 9 year life span is usually just a nip and tuck. But for an important global vehicle like the Ford Mustang, it was a bit more than that. While the changes may seem minimal at first blush, they add up to a greatly refined model.

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Stay in Control With Ford's Adaptive Steering

The makers of Ford have officially given you an incredible amount of steering control. The 2017 Ford comes equipped with a fantastic feature. The Super Duty adaptive steering lives up to all the hype. Now drivers can tow, pull, and even drive with greater ease and less struggle steering.


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Kelley Blue Book on 2017 Ford Fusion: Great Sedan Available in Many Variations

Ford has fully refreshed its go-to midsize four-door sedan, the Ford Fusion, for 2017. Kelley Blue Book® just published its expert review and writes Fusion is even better now, with a broader range of engine options - including a Sport version and hybrid models - as well a richer, more luxurious interior. Click "play" in the clip below to see a preview from last year's North American International Auto Show.

Inside, the new 2017 Fusion Platinum, with its stitched dash and premium leather seats with contrast piping...

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If you're considering the compact crossover class for your next vehicular purchase, we here at Lamarque Ford Inc would be downright delighted to introduce you to ours, the 2017 Ford Escape.

And what is it that makes this one a smart SUV selection? Check the clip below to get the inside scoop from critic Joe Bruzek:

No doubt about it, the Escape's base drivetrain -- a turbo 1.5-liter four-cylinder -- is an absolute gem. Good for a healthy 179 horsepower and 172 pound-feet of torque, this four-banger teams with a six-speed automatic transmission and is offered with…

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