Whisper Quiet Starts are Available with the Ford Mustang

If you are concerned about the level of noise coming from your Ford Mustang you should talk to us at Lamarque Ford about the latest Active Performance Exhaust Audio. This innovative feature gives you a great way of making sure you are not a noise nuisance to your family when you are leaving late at night or early in the morning in Kenner, LA.

No matter which of the four types of engine options you choose from, you will not have the issue of waking up your family when you choose a quiet start. The noise of your Ford Mustang exhaust that you know and love will be dropped to a whisper to make sure your family and friends remain happy at all times. Of course, the exhaust noise you know and love from the Ford Mustang will be available when you move to the normal setting and an extra loud sports option will push you into a new era of control of your Ford Mustang.

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