Popular midsize SUVs don't get better than Ford Edge. It combines a crisp exterior and interior with smooth handling and a quiet cabin. Edge's technology features are some of the most advanced on the market, thanks to Ford's nonstop innovations in the area. Our Lamarque Ford team selected the following two for your consideration.

Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop-and-Go

Edge is so intelligent, it senses traffic ahead of you when you're on the highway or driving in Kenner, LA. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go eliminates the need for you to brake and accelerate to maintain optimal following distances. This feature compels Ford Edge to slow when traffic ahead of you slows and then return to your preset speed when traffic resumes.

Ingenious Accident Avoidance

Ford Edge's Pre-Collision Assist senses pedestrians and vehicles ahead of you, detecting potential collisions. If driver response lapses, Ford Edge engages Automatic Emergency Braking, averting messy bang-ups or minimizing the intensity of minor connections.

Ford Edge comes to life when you're at the wheel. We invite you to test drive it today at our dealership.

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