Enjoy the Comfort of the Ford Taurus’ Interior

At Lamarque Ford in Kenner, LA, we’re excited to show you all of the interior features of the Ford Taurus. As a popular full-size sedan, it offers great seating and a lot of entertainment for you to enjoy.

The seating in the Taurus varies based on your trim level. SHO seats can provide you with leather trim, body contouring, as well as more thigh clearance. The SHO logo would be embroidered on the seats, too. Other available features to look forward to include heated and cooled seats to ensure you’re comfortable regardless of what the temperature is outside.

You can look forward to the available Sync 3 on the Ford Taurus, too. This provides you with all sorts of connectivity for internet radio, navigation, and more. You can use voice commands to play your favorite song or to make a phone call with Bluetooth. You can use apps to connect your smartphone as well.

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