Unveil the All-New Ford Edge ST Crossover SUV

The 2019 Ford Edge ST sets high standards for performance and style in the mid-size crossover SUV class. This sporty model is available for a personal test drive at Lamarque Ford in Kenner, LA. You'll love the racing-inspired design of this American car that runs on a turbocharged engine block with the EcoBoost badge.

The Ford Edge ST is fitted with 20-inch wheels that have an aluminum finish with some elements of black gloss. You can also get 21-inch wheels that are painted in a glossy black finish. When you buy the ST Performance Brake Package, you'll receive summer tires that boost traction on dry surfaces.

This crossover SUV has all-new headlamps with a bi-LED design for optimum illumination. Activated by the windshield wipers, the Autolamp technology improves your visibility of the road on a rainy day. A dual-speed wiper is available for the rear windshield, which has a heating element and defroster.

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