How the Ford Transit Connect Can Keep You Safe

You've seen that the Ford Transit Connect could fit your business plan without having to go for a full-size cargo van or passenger wagon. Now you're probably wondering how it could keep your employees safe, and the answer lies in its multiple safety and driver-assist features. At Lamarque Ford Inc, we'd love to tell you about each one.

For example, the van has sensors that will set off a warning if you're close to hitting a pedestrian or other vehicle. The pre-collision assist will pre-charge the brakes so that when you step on them, the lightest touch will bring out their full braking power. If you don't respond, that's when the automatic emergency braking will kick in.

Another great feature is the side-wind stabilization system, which will lightly apply the brakes to one side of the vehicle to keep it from being blown into other lanes by the wind. This should make for stress-free highway driving in Kenner.

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