Enjoy the Great Design of the Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a great subcompact car with a range of features well-suited for active, busy drivers in Kenner, LA. Offering exceptional value, fun handling, and great style, you can choose a Fiesta that's just right for all of your needs. The car offers a number of design features to make driving a Fiesta not just enjoyable, but also aesthetically beautiful.

At Lamarque Ford, we love the variety of 10 different exterior paint choices for the Ford Fiesta. Opt for exciting colors like Bohai Mint and Lightning Blue or explore the world of gleaming premium paints with Outrageous Green Metallic Tinted Clear-Cut and a range of other eye-catching choices.

The color options don't stop there since the Fiesta offers seven different interior color combinations as well. These colors adorn on soft, comfortable materials, a well-designed center console with space for the latest technologies and metallic accents throughout the Fiesta's cabin.

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