The Ford Ranger Is for Rugged Driving

The spirit of Ford Tough lives on in the new Ranger. This model is built to withstand the most extreme driving conditions. Find out what features make the Ranger a true contender among trucks of all sizes.

The Ranger leads its class in terms of torque. The engine produces an impressive 310 lb.-ft of torque. It also boasts 270 horsepower from the 2.3 L EcoBoost engine. This powerful engine unit will get you through the toughest of road conditions.

The Ford Ranger is more than capable of handling any load. Its payload rating puts it at the top of midsize pickups. Just think, what could you do with a 1,680-lb. payload capability? The Ranger is equally competent at hauling. Take advantage of a 7,500-lb. tow rating. With these specifications, you won't have to think twice about transporting equipment or other items.

See the new Ford Ranger for yourself at Lamarque Ford Inc. Take a test drive around Kenner to evaluate the Ford Ranger's capabilities.

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