Ford Escape Offers Convenience at a Great Price

Known for many years as the little brother of the Ford Explorer, the Escape wants to break out of that mold and become one of the top SUVs for shoppers looking for convenience. It now comes with a cargo hold that can accommodate all the luggage you need on a trip and all the toys and belongings your kids want to bring too. You get 68 cubic feet of cargo space and split rear seating with a 60/40 break that lets you adjust those seats.

At Lamarque Ford, we make it easy to see those features and the Escape's liftgate in person. That gate lets you use your foot to open the trunk when your hands are full. The Escape also comes with a rearview camera and a media bin. If you live in or around Kenner, LA, stop by to see all the Escape's convenience features today.

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