The Most Popular Classic Ford Pickup Trucks

Here in the US, we still love pickup trucks for their versatility, durability, and strength. Ford enthusiasts around the world have a particular love for classic pickup trucks, and when it comes to pickup trucks, it is not a secret that Ford is king. Here are the three most popular classic Ford trucks.

1956 Ford F-100

This unique pickup truck was the first and last of its kind and combined elegance with performance. These trucks were built by hand from front to back and made out of steel. It featured interior amenities such as a dome light, sun visors, and a radio. The body style was what made this truck unique by featuring slick vertical windshield pillars and a wrap around the windshield. Ford offered a larger wraparound back window, which increased visibility for the driver. Also, this is the first Ford pickup truck that offered seat belts as an option.

1951 Ford Pickup

There aren’t many trucks that had such spacious interior. The truck was also much higher and wider than any Ford pickup to date. To produce this truck, Ford paid one million dollars to design and equip it. The front end was vastly different on this truck, featuring a single-bar grille with three giant teeth which gave this truck its distinctive look. The original colors of this truck were: Vermillion, meadow green, raven black, Silverstone gray, Sheridan blue, alpine blue, and sea island green.

1959 F-250 4x4

Some could argue these styles signaled the birth of the monster truck era. This truck featured impeccable drivelines, axles, and suspension. This truck for me was a close call with the 1967 Ford highboy. The headlights set the look of this truck apart from the rest but also made the parts harder to find. This truck is also famous, being featured in movies such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and Nightmare on Elm Street IV.

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