Choosing the Right Tire for Your Vehicle

When it comes time to purchase tires for your vehicle, it is important to consider which type of tire will best fit your particular applications. At our Lamarque Ford Inc, we have a lot of experience equipping drivers with the tires that best suit their individual driving requirements. No matter if you're looking to conquer an off-road trail or claim greater fuel efficiency on pavement, we have the tips you need to make an informed choice.

There are three main types of tires. First, let's look at Summer Passenger tires. These tires have light tread and are fantastic for warmer climates as they provide grip on wet roads. Next are All-season Passenger tires. These tires have a decent amount of tread and perform well on light snow or ice. Finally, you have Studded Passenger tires, also called Winter Studded tires. These tires are usually equipped with metal studs to provide superior handling in cold climates where heavy snow and thick ice are prevalent.

Choosing tires for the local Kenner, LA area can be difficult. Let our friendly and experienced staff at 3101 Williams Boulevard help you by making the visit to come see us!


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