Ford Formulates Plan to Move Towards More Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars are not just a commodity for the elite and high income population anymore; they are everywhere. Their popularity is due to their energy efficiency, lower fuel emissions, and reliability. Ford has taken notice of the significant aspects of hybrid vehicles and has cut costs $14 billion over the next five years to move away from sedans to develop more trucks and electric and hybrid cars. Out of that $14 billion, $10 billion will come from material costs and $4 billion from reduced engineering costs. By 2022, Ford plans to cut spending on future internal combustion by a third and put that money into expanded electric and hybrid vehicle development.

As of right now, Gasoline is low in cost around the U.S. Whenever the price of gasoline starts to climb, Americans tend to ditch their SUV for a Toyota Prius. For years the average fuel economy of our cars has climbed steadily, but according to a report by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, the average fuel economy of all new vehicles sold in America has hovered at 25.3 miles per gallon for the past three years. Cars are now a little more expensive with average Americans spending around $33,560 for a brand new car while a Toyota Prius is $24,685. These low-emission vehicles are cheaper to buy, cheaper to fill, and cheaper to maintain over time and Ford is taking notice to what consumers want.

Ford hybrid vehicles have been making headlines for a while now. In April, Police departments across the country were able to chase fleeing perpetrators in a car that gets 38 miles per gallon thanks for the new Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan. It was the first pursuit-rate hybrid police car ordered in America, according to Ford. This police responder is based on the Ford Fusion Hybrid but has better engine cooling, stronger brakes, a more rugged suspension system and skid plates underneath to protect mechanical components when the car drives over curbs. Police cars also spend about 60% of their on-duty time running at idle and hybrid cars use little or no gas while idling.

One way to cut costs will be to offer fewer variations of Ford’s models. As of right now, the Ford Fusion sedan can be ordered in 35,000 combinations of features, colors, and powertrain options. The future model will come in just 96 combinations which means there are fewer parts to design, produce, and store in inventory. The future of automobiles and environmentally conscious living is here and Ford hybrid vehicles are prepared.


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