Ford's BLIS System Helps Keep Drivers Safe

Nothing gets the heart beating quite like hearing a horn blast when you are trying to change lanes because you didn't see someone in your blind spot. Ford has addressed this all too common issue with their blind spot information system, also known as BLIS.

BLIS uses radar sensors in the quarter panels to detect vehicles in your blind spots up to 10 feet away. If it does detect one, it will light up on the corresponding side view mirror, alerting you to the danger and help you change lanes safer.

If you are backing your vehicle up, BLIS switches over to Ford's Cross-Traffic Alert system, which will monitor your rear and alert you to cars or obstructions in your way up to 15 yards away. Based on the position of the obstruction, the corresponding side view mirror will light up just like it does for BLIS.

So, if this sounds like a beneficial option to you, then come down to Lamarque Ford in Kenner and test drive a BLIS equipped Ford today.

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