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The Ford F-150 Stands Alone Against Competitors

Pickup truck owners aren't looking for the newest and greatest gadgets or a particular style, they are simply looking for a truck that is reliable and will always get the job done. That is why time and time again they turn to Ford when they're out truck shopping. That is why we here at Lamarque Ford Inc. in Kenner would like to introduce you to our brand-new line…

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A Healthy Car is a Happy Car

If you have your car checked regularly, you could save yourself from experiencing terrible incidents and prevent the possibility of you being frustrated and save you money. There are several car care steps that you should take to keep your car in excellent health. Here are seven reasons why regular car maintenance is important.

It’s Safe

No matter how great your drive, you’re still at risk for getting…

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Enjoy More Power in the Ford Expedition

Everyone wants a vehicle that's full of power. We here at Lamarque Ford Inc can help ensure you get the maximum power when purchasing a vehicle for your Kenner, LA excursions. Generally, many people compare the Expedition to the 2018 GMC Yukon. While it is true that the Yukon is quite powerful, the Ford Expedition was built with extreme power.

What Makes The Ford Expedition Better Than The Yukon…

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