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Tire Pressure Issues

Sometimes an issue can occur with your tire pressure and you will be alerted by one of the tire pressure sensors on your vehicle. There may be a major problem going on or this could just be a minor issue. Regardless, this alert warrants some investigative work to find out what is going on.

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The Most Popular Classic Ford Pickup Trucks

Here in the US, we still love pickup trucks for their versatility, durability, and strength. Ford enthusiasts around the world have a particular love for classic pickup trucks, and when it comes to pickup trucks, it is not a secret that Ford is king. Here are the three most popular classic Ford trucks.

1956 Ford F-100

This unique pickup truck was the first and last of its kind and combined…

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Ford Explorer Capability Features

Are you currently in the market for a sport utility vehicle that offers a sizable number of features beyond the standard specifications? If that describes your needs, then consider the Ford Explorer. In addition to being a high-performance SUV with a V6 engine and automatic steering, the Ford Motor Company offers many ways to customize your Explorer in order to enhance its performance and make your driving experience as safe…

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