Compressed Natural CNG Gas Dealer

We are now a Compressed Natural CNG Gas Dealer.

Lamarque Ford now has natural gas and CNG vehicles!

  • Natural gas is the same fuel used in millions of homes for heating, hot water, and cooking. It is the lowest carbon hydrocarbon fuel. It is generally over 90% methane and is non-toxic. Current estimates are that the U.S. has over 120 years of known reserves of natural gas.
  • CNG is natural gas that has been compressed to 3000-3600 PSI for use as a transportation fuel
  • CNG is 30-60% less expensive than equivalent gasoline energy (usually $1.50-$2.70 per GGE-Gasoline Gallon Equivalent)
  • All domestic fuel (over 99% of fuel used is extracted from the U.S. and Canada). This is compared to petroleum-based fuels that cost the U.S. approximately $220B per year to import over 65% of its total requirements. This export of our money adversely affects the entire economy, and could be eliminated with a switch to natural gas for our transportation needs.
  • Lower harmful emissions
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Higher octane rating than gasoline
  • Same energy per gallon as gasoline
  • Very little performance difference than gasoline-10% reduction at full throttle. Our WiNG Power System does not change the towing or hauling ratings for the Super Duty trucks that we install it on.
  • CNG is lighter than air, so if it is released, it disperses into the atmosphere and does not "pool" and pollute the ground or water like petroleum-based fuels.
  • The U.S. only has approximately 120,000 natural gas vehicles on the road, placing it 16th in the list of developed countries. Obviously, there is significant room for growth. If we increase the number of vehicles in the U.S. by ten-fold, to 1.2 M vehicles, we will only increase the amount of natural gas used by 3%.

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